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A Day at Iron Yard Greenville

Inside the world of an intense Front End Development computer coding school in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC.

Code Examples

Examples of concepts I am learning in class.

On a personal note

Why would a successful, middle-aged minister (and a woman) suddenly go to a computer coding school?

Using Mac to Make Vi...

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“Nothing is simple if you don’t know how to do it.” Pastor Beth

A Day as a Student at ...

A Day as a Student at TIY

This was my schedule as a student in the Front-End Engineering Course at the digital awesomeness that is The Iron Yard of Greenville, SC. My Schedule 6:30 am Get up, eat breakfast, devotional, get dressed, make lunch 8 am – Out the door to drive to the Iron Yard, with traffic 50 minutes 9 am […]

Ember Connecting with Pa...

Ember Connecting with Parse

Here are some notes on how to get the ember-cli to connect with Parse ( ** You have to have an account with Parse to do this. The Problem: How to enable an app in ember-cli to connect with Parse which is an outside server considering the default mode of ember-cli is to prevent connection […]

Ember Notes on Deleting one post i...

Ember Notes on Deleting one post item

A quick write down of notes about how to delete one post item instead of all of them. The issue: On a posts template (templates/posts.hbs) a helper will send an action to the posts controller (controller/posts.js) which in the case of a delete button would delete all the posts, not just one post item. So […]

Ember Organizat...

Ember Organization

Today in class we learned alot about the organization of files in Ember. If you have an ember project created in ember-cli and are looking at it. (ember new <appName>) app – holds all the folders and files to display your app with the exception of the public folder which holds any images or fonts […]

Setting Up Ember ...

Setting Up Ember CLI

I am learning ember and ember cli and need a place to drop all the new info. If you can use this great, but please remember it is a work in progress. If you spot an error or inconsistency feel free to comment.  I am using a mac air, sorry windows users. I hope you […]

Welcome to My Wor...

Welcome to My World!

Hello and welcome to my wacky world.            My name is Beth Hoskins, aka “Pastor Beth” and I love playing around with technologies to the glory of God and the betterment of the world. Make yourself at home.