This was my schedule as a student in the Front-End Engineering Course at the digital awesomeness that is The Iron Yard of Greenville, SC.

My Schedule

6:30 am Get up, eat breakfast, devotional, get dressed, make lunch

8 am – Out the door to drive to the Iron Yard, with traffic 50 minutes

9 am – Jake starts teaching

10:15 am – 15 minute break

12 or so – End of teacher presentation; break for lunch

12:45-1:00 – Start working on the day’s assignment with help available

2 pm – Optional lecture

5 pm or so – Drive home, run errands, eat supper

8 pm – Continue working on assignment until it’s finished and turn it in via github

11-2 am – Go to bed. Time depends on how fast the assignment gets done.

6:30 am – Get up and do it again.

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