A Day as a Student at TIY

This was my schedule as a student in the Front-End Engineering Course at the digital awesomeness that is The Iron Yard of Greenville, SC.

My Schedule

6:30 am Get up, eat breakfast, devotional, get dressed, make lunch

8 am – Out the door to drive to the Iron Yard, with traffic 50 minutes

9 am – Jake starts teaching

10:15 am – 15 minute break

12 or so – End of teacher presentation; break for lunch

12:45-1:00 – Start working on the day’s assignment with help available

2 pm – Optional lecture

5 pm or so – Drive home, run errands, eat supper

8 pm – Continue working on assignment until it’s finished and turn it in via github

11-2 am – Go to bed. Time depends on how fast the assignment gets done.

6:30 am – Get up and do it again.

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Pastor Beth

Rev. Beth Hoskins, aka Pastor Beth is the owner of JuJi Web and an ordained Presbyterian minister in the PC(USA). She is the Stated Supply Minister at Landrum & Inman Presbyterian Churches in the upstate of South Carolina (north of Spartanburg). She has degrees from Clemson University (Chemical Engineering), Columbia Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity) and The Iron Yard school of computer coding (Front End Development). Currently she resides in Woodruff, SC with her two cat rescues; Joanie Batgirl and Tude the Dude.

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