I am learning ember and ember cli and need a place to drop all the new info. If you can use this great, but please remember it is a work in progress. If you spot an error or inconsistency feel free to comment.  I am using a mac air, sorry windows users. I hope you can interpret this in window world.  Peace, B. Hoskins

Ember Website: www.emberjs.com –

Ember CLI Website: www.ember-cli.com

Setting up Ember CLI:

1. You need to have some things installed before you can easily install ember cli;

– go to www.nodejs.org and download and install it on your mac.

Check node installation in command prompt:  npm –help

Install Ember-CLI in command prompt: npm install -g ember-cli

Install Bower in command prompt: npm install -g bower

Install phantomJS in commmand prompt: npm install -g phantom.js

To Create a new Ember project: 

In command prompt navigate to the folder in which you want your app on your computer.

In command prompt: ember new <nameOfYourApp>  [This creates a new git repository in the process]

In command prompt: cd <nameOfYourApp>

in command prompt: ember server –watch     [You have to start the server to see your app on localhost. This has to be running for  you to see the app on localhost:4200. If you turn your computer off, you always need to do this to see your app on localhost. If it’s not on it will tell you your app is broken.]

Open a browser and go to: http://localhost:4200

You should see your new app here. For testing http://localhost:4200/testing

Extra Credit: to make things easier install watchman in command prompt: brew install watchman

Also very helpful to install Ember Inspector in Chrome. Google to find it and add it to the Chrome developer tools. If you are using another browser you can check to see if there is an equivalent for the browser you want to work with . I believe there is one for firefox but I am not certain.





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