Image of Beth HoskinsMy name is Beth Hoskins and I am an ordained PC(USA) minister who has served churches in Ormond Beach, FL (9 years) and Woodruff, SC (14 years); and currently serve both Inman Presbyterian Church and Landrum Presbyterian Church in upstate South Carolina. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University in Clemson, SC; and a Masters of Theology degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA, as well as a certificate in Front End Web Development from the Iron Yard School of Computer Coding in Greenville, SC.

I blame and give credit for my eclectic brain and life pursuits to my mother and father; one of whom was a creative genius in the field of literature and drama, while the other was a world renowned expert in solvent recovery in the field of Chemical Engineering. It seems that their genes collided in me in some very unusual ways which means I am:

  • A storyteller and lover of all great tales told with passion and vigor
  • A lover of language and the expression of The Word whether by literature, drama, dance or song. (Or typing code in a machine)
  • A tech junkie who loves to play with anything with buttons or screens or things that whir or swoosh.
  • A Front-End Web Developer who loves to learn new languages that make the machine serve a greater good.

But most of all I am a child of God who loves me forever.

This knowledge is the greatest, most enduring gift my parents ever gave me.

For this I will always be deeply and eternally thankful.

Hope you enjoy my site,

Rev. Beth Hoskins, aka – Pastor Beth

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